CANCELLED Wayfaring: A Poetic Walk through Public Space

Saturday September 13, 10:00am
Led by E.J. McAdams, Douglas Manson, and Virginia Millington


Join the Walk Exchange on a walk at the Willis Avenue Bridge, guided by the poetry of Audre Lorde, that will seek an answer to the question: how do we love this otherwise alienating, too-large, external, human-made world? As gatherers of words and compilers of found and created texts, we will explore pacing, and prosody together, learning from our footsteps and each other as we find our way and cross bridges. A collection of documents from the Wayfaring walk of May 17 was published as a chapbook, which we will have for participants, and we hope to document this walk as well for a new collection: new lines, new images, motions and sounds.

Participants are encouraged to bring snacks and water.

This walk was originally created by E.J. McAdams, Douglas Manson, and Virginia Millington as an iLANDing Laboratory.

DATE/TIME: September 13, 10:00am
LOCATION: Lexington Avenue and 125th St. (4,5,6 trains, in front of McDonalds)
DURATION: 4 hours

E.J. McAdams is a poet and former iLAND Board member. He has explored wordscapes in various cities around the globe, letting them generate movement and poems. He lives in Harlem with his family.

Virginia Millington is a founding member of the Walk Exchange, and, during the day, works as a digital archive manger in Brooklyn, NY. Since 2009, she has been exploring the hours before 8am on Early Rising.

Born in Ohio in 1970, Douglas Manson moved to New York State in 1998. He currently lives in Brooklyn. He received a Ph.D. in English in 2004, and has written numerous books of poetry, one study of poetry and painting, and numerous critical articles. Some of these works have been published, though many have not. He became interested in Walking as an art practice in 2011 when Bess Matassa introduced him to the Walk Exchange, and Virginia Millington encouraged his continued involvement.