14 Oct-4 November, 2014
plus a two-week final exchange


How is a walk a point of exchange? What kind of knowledge is developed by walking, and can a walk also transmit that knowledge? Can local walking practices translate globally, and what changes in that translation? For WSTC V we will investigate these questions through an examination of the practices of artists, working across international boundaries, who use walking as a point of exchange. Works by Dee Heddon, Duong Jahangeer, Luis Sotelo, The Walking Reading Group on Participation, and Claudia Zeiske will be included in the course. We will also continue developing our distance learning approach through an ongoing exchange of walking responses between participants in group walks in London and distance-participants in New York. We invite any self-defined “student of walking” to join us.

The Walk Study Training Course is FREE, but participants are expected to commit to all of the walks and course readings.

London walks will take place Tuesday evenings at  University Square Stratford, 14 October – 4 November, from 18:00-21:00.

New York City participants will be expected to go on four independent walks, one each week, from 14 Oct – 4 November. NYC participants will also be expected to attend two advisory meetings with the Walk Exchange. The first advisory meeting will take place on Saturday, 11 October.

The walks will be followed up by a two-week exchange period, where participants will exchange and execute final walks.


The WSTC is for walking enthusiasts: urban planners, community organizers, geographers, poets, artists, athletes, and others. Please send your name, contact information, and a brief statement about your relationship with walking, and why you would like to participate in the course (1 page or less please) to, by 6 October 2014.


The Walk Study Training Course (WSTC) is a 6-week educational project developed by the Walk Exchange. It explores critical, fictional, sound and spatial materials through a weekly group walk. This year’s course will be based in both London and New York City as part of Exchange Member Blake Morris’ Ph.D. research at the University of East London, home to the Walking Artists’ Network. Group Walks will take place in London, while independent walks will be executed by ‘distance participants’ in New York City. WSTC V will include weekly exchanges between participants in London and New York, and will culminate with a final exchange between course participants in London and New York that will build on the major themes of the course.