Shifting Communities

Sunday, May 27th
The Andrew Freedman Home- 1125 Grand Concourse Bronx, NY 10452


How can a threshold become an invitation? The Walk Exchange will explore this question as part of the Shifting Communities Roundtable Series at the Andrew Freedman Home in the Bronx. We will start with a roundtable warm up that considers how city dwellers experience thresholds. We will then workshop these ideas through a circumnavigation of the Andrew Freedman home, both inside and outside its gates. During the walk we will use string and yarn to create connections between the home and the street. After our walk we will return to the roundtable for a final discussion, before moving to the lawn for a picnic. Come join us as we explore this historic site.
This walk is part of The Bronx River Art Center’s Shifting Communities Roundtable Series in conjunction with No Longer Empty’s exhibition This Side of Paradise at the Andrew Freedman Home. The roundtable is an installation built by artist collective J+J to serve as a physical meeting point for discussions, events, and film screenings.