Sunday July 13, 7pm (aprox 2.5 hours)
Meet: West end of “14th street park” at 14th and the Hudson River.

On this evening walk we will find ourselves in preparation for “the perfect date.” During the evening, participants will be paired up in different combinations to explore how each of us prepares to meet strangers. Past experiences in “breaking the ice” and how we prepare ourselves for the outside world are part of our explorations. Using primitive movie making techniques that involve index cards, pens and our imaginations we will construct a date night movie together. Our movie will be featured in the finale of our walk. We will begin our “perfect date” at 7PM walking from West 14th Street and the Hudson River to the East River, with many stops along the way.

Walk will accommodate 8-16 participants.
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Walk leader:
Ariel Julian Dionysus Yes Abrahams was born in New York in 1988 and graduated from New York University in 2010 and 2011. He is a life-artist, educator, and organizer. He is fascinated by religion, group dynamics, and imagination. It has been said that he exists on a different plane of existence; he brings worlds into being.