Listening With The Feet

led by Viv Corringham, August 27th 2014
“Be not afeard; the isle is full of noises…” (The Tempest, Shakespeare)

How can we deal with the cacophony of Manhattan with its traffic and machine drones and squeals? Is it possible to take pleasure in loud urban sounds? On this walk we will consciously listen to the city, letting our eyes take a break and relax their gaze. Our intention to listen will encourage a focus of attention and allow the everyday sounds of a place to resonate.

Through our walking feet we can listen to the sounds of a place, to traces of previous walkers, to imagined sounds that may have once existed there, to subtle qualities of the environment we travel through, to the echo of our ancient origins, and to our own memories and associations. The essence of a place is revealed to the feet that move through it and listen.

DATE/TIME: August 27, 6:30pm
LOCATION: Lower Manhattan, details with RSVP
RSVP: info (at) walkexchange (dot) org
NOTE: This walk accommodates a limited number of participants

Viv Corringham is a British vocalist, composer and sound artist, currently based in New York, USA, who has worked internationally since the early 1980s. Her work includes music performances, audio installations and soundwalks. She is interested in exploring people’s special relationship with familiar places and how that links to an interior landscape of personal history, memory and association. Her ongoing project Shadow-walks has been presented in gallery shows from New York to Istanbul to Hong Kong.

(Listening With The Feet by Viv Corringham is the title of an essay in Anthology of Essays on Deep Listening, Deep Listening Publications, 2012)