Ideas City


Date: Saturday, May 4th
Times: TBA
Location: Walks will begin in Sara D. Roosevelt Park

Date: Saturday, May 4th


Course 1: 12:00pm, New York City Pigeons are Bold

Course 2: 2:00pm, Afun of Walking Patchen Places!

Course 3: 5:00pm, New York Groove

Location: Walks will begin in Sara D. Roosevelt Park at the corner of East Houston and Chrystie Streets

For IDEAS CITY, the Walk Exchange will lead three mini-courses that pair a New York–specific poem or song with a walk through the Lower East Side. Through these courses we will encourage conversation, discovery, and a new approach to familiar (or unfamiliar) streets. Each mini-course will look at a different text, with an eye toward its relationship to the city streets.

To participate, come find us at the StreetFest! Each walk will be 60 minutes, and take place in the Lower East Side. Participants are welcome to attend a single course, or all three. For more information, or to RSVP, email (please note spaces are limited)

Course 1:

“New York Pigeons”, by Ellen Reiss

New York City pigeons are bold.
They peruse the ledgers of dead economies.
They give me critical looks.

Course 2:

Course 3:

Afun of Walking Patchen Places!
There’s a Train Leaving Soon byKenneth Patchen, 1936

I want no easy light to lift my eyes.
Conversation in cells is rich as words
Arranged to pin imagination, spinning
loose as death’s more lenient glove.

Call to me at end of operation: when love
Sewn into the breastwork of this sky
When lanced of greed and hate and fear,
When lost of anger, envy’s vivid eye
Gone blind and black, when all is clear–
Your way to me–call: and I shall try to answer back.