Grids of Expression

Grids of Expression (2)
“Grids of Expression” is a series of participatory walking explorations that unfold within the Bogart Salon and throughout the surrounding neighborhood. Each walk seeks to develop new tactics of exchange by engaging with both explicitly artistic practices and those that currently exist in the streets.
Led by The Walk Exchange (formerly the Walk Study Training Course), in conjunction with Bogart Salon’s Adrift, “Grids of Expression” uses Alexander Trocchi’s “Sigma: A Tactical Blueprint” as a starting point for this exploration. We will begin on Saturday, March 10th with a 12pm walk that utilizes a seating area on wheels designed by Moira Williams. We will drift throughout the neighborhood and ask residents to join us for conversation and snacks in a comfortable mobile environment. At 6pm we will be returning to the gallery for the first of our series of grid explorations. Utilizing techniques culled from the Viewpoints System, we will map the psychogeography of the gallery space.
Each week we will move our systemic exploration further out into the neighborhood. Walks will occur Saturdays and Sundays throughout March starting at 56 Bogart Street. For a complete list of walks and times, as well as details on how to join us, please see our full schedule of upcoming walks.
Shakin’ Your Can, A Walk from Grids of Expression:
<p><a href=”″>Shakin’ Your Can</a> from <a href=”″>moira williams</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a>.</p>