Francie- Round and Round

Can the London Group – for example – do circumference walks round and
round LONDON BRIDGE – without it
falling down – and then rev up and then de/excellerate the pace en route
to another near-by London-based
iconic perimeter space / tracks /
all with a significant expanse of
either low lying structures and/or
very few towering structures within
the overall backdrop of the given

The TKTS exercise within such tightly
configured / congested space was
narrowing in a psychic sense.

Hence my interest / curiosity to walk
and observe feelings within a more
wide-open / inviting space – devoid
of the classic citified claustrophobia.


I did the drill(s) and was inspired to
re-interpolate the walk so as to include rail tracks, wide expanses of
open space and iconic perimeters to
border the journey.

Hence on the left side of this image
is the ED KOCH BRIDGE (a/k/a the
59th Street Bridge that inspired the
song by the same name (SIMON &
GARFUNKLE )) and on the right is
the remains of 5-POINTZ which was
a universally acclaimed paradise for
paint ball / tagging and the by-products of graffiti which is now being re-claimed by its property owners for condominium conversion.


Industrial buildings give way to gargantuan foot spaces unfettered
by foot traffic and vehicles.


On the ground surrounding this dis-
embowling structure are many sharply angled buildings, blocks and
other structures that readily afford
straight line walking yet within the
sensibility of an overall zig-zag pattern that is further stoked by
intense atmospheric winds. The
wind as walking companion assumes
a non-adversarial role – whether in
one’s face and/or at one’s back.