Francie- Red Poppies

May I suggest for the London Group Final exchange a contemplation of red poppies as they walk the
by-ways of London taking easy strides and then challenging each step-by-step to experience the type
of leap of faith each person manifests in this video – in themselves – step by step.

Martin Creed: You Return from gavinbrown on Vimeo.

This is a video of a piece he shot in Lower Manhattan – circa late Sept 2013, in which I was involved.

I share it with you for educational purposes only and if you wish to do anything with it other than view it now I am delighted to put you in touch with the individual(s) with whom you may request a one-time only educational use release, if that interests you.

I know that England is agog presently with reflections of war and all that that horror entails.

This video in my view represents the unique challenges presented to some in connection with movement of any type – especially walking.

I cross paths with a man in and around 42/Fifth Ave this past Friday night at the height of rush hour.
I observed how he traversed the sidewalks of New York with his body weight resting on two crutches.
I complimented his dexterity as we waited for the light. He thanked me and caution: Miss, this is only temporary.

I replied: Indeed, so is Life.

And we laughed and went our ways.

But for many walking is no laughing matter, whatsoever.