What is the Walk Study Training Course?
The Walk Exchange’s Walk Study Training Course (WSTC) is a six week walking seminar that puts active participation at the centre of a cross-disciplinary pedagogical approach. The course pairs specific walks with critical texts and case studies, and uses walking as both practice and subject, addressing a wide range of ideas through the common activity of walking. Our walking discussion is informed by individual encounters with case studies during the week, and facilitated exercises in place during the meetings. The pedagogical philosophy for the Walk Exchange is based in embodied notions of knowledge production, and a non-hierarchical approach that focuses on participants as equal partners in the learning experience.

How do the walks work?
WSTC 6 consists of six weekly walks. In London, walkers will meet as a group and the walks will be facilitated by Walk Exchange member Blake Morris. Participants from around the world will be given walking instructions and asked to complete the walks and readings independently. Remote participants will be invited to an information session in New York City with Walk Exchange Members. Walkers in NYC will be invited to join us in person, while other participants will be invited to link in via skype.

How long are the walks?
The walks range in length from 90 minutes to 3 hours. In London, walks will be scheduled from 1-4pm on Saturdays. Remote participants are encouraged to set aside three hours a week for their walks.

How much reading is there?
The reading varies, and includes videos, new articles, artist sites, as well as theoretical texts. About 90 minutes per week is necessary for the readings (depending on your speed of reading, etc.)

You mention an exchange, how exactly does this work?
Each week participants will create a ‘walking exercise’ in response to their walk. These exercises will be shared among the participants, who will integrate them into their walk the following week. Walking responses and exercises will be shared on a custom made wiki for the course, and archived on the Walk Exchange website. You can see how this worked for WSTC 5, here: http://walkexchange.org/wstc-5/

Do I have to do all the walks?
We ask that participants complete all of the walks and readings. We look to build a sustained conversation during WSTC 6, and as such it is important that participants are fully engaged through the whole process. Please e-mail us if you have questions about this, or specific date conflicts you would like to discuss.