Brett- Voice to Text

Choose one of the five texts below.  Read it aloud at whatever the correct pace is for you while walking.  Using a similar technique of Voice to Text software, create your own text using the environment around you.  Allow yourself to be completely open to all the words around you, and fully immerse yourself in the task of reading continuously.  If there are no new words visible, don’t be afraid to reread sections of the environment.  Do not be concerned with doing this exercise correctly.  Play and create.  When you are finished walking feel free to rearrange the words however you’d like to best convey your personal or group experience of the action of walking through this particular place.


In thinking about the readings on Mobile Libraries and walking groups of indigenous and non-indigenous peoples, it occurred to me that while in motion, one can treat the built environment of an Urban area as a text.  By continuously allowing the eye to be drawn to found words, a walker can read a near continuous stream of words as they move through space.  This paints a particular and recognizable portrait of a place to an indigenous resident, while allowing an intimate glimpse into an individuals journey for the non-indigenous population.  Beginning at my local library, and using Googles voice recognition software on my phone, and the google docs app, I created a series of short texts at five different points on my walk.  Each represents a series of found words and numbers in the environment around me.  Errors due to the voice translation software add a second layer of chance to the texts. They are presented in full as follows:

Brooklyn Public Library, Red Hook Branch to the corner of Clinton and Lorraine, Red Hook, Brooklyn.

Brooklyn Public Library branch Brooklyn Public Library Red Hook wifi us fried chicken and pizza fried chicken 129 Street food Corp Delhi hot and cold sandwiches Dwight one way street no parking anytime one way fine fare supermarket for savings quality and value $0.99 dreams except local deliveries is it on your tele sandwiches we make all kinds of sandwiches and cold cuts 9:30 to 11 a.m. Friday Ford Dodge find safe at 99 cent dreams tell us what you want Red Hook warning private parking lot managed by PSJ Management Inc phone welcomes intend the wash stop today is a great day for an idea Gold rates open 7 days but getting there please sir psychosis crap on today open 7 days parking why rush drop your laundry on your way to work Dodge Flickr Lawrence candy store Lorraine candy store Arizona oke oke oke 100% natural standing Maspeth Park Slope Lorraine Street and Columbia Street ATM inside Express daily warning: Bible Brown 1 slice open a I love the taste of the fat in just a few no standing 7 a.m. To 7 p.m. Monday and Friday bumble bees 76 Brooklyn New York New York Alina Brooklyn New York Pennsylvania Bayridge Toyota. Com Bay Bridge at 8284 New York No Trespassing no trespassing 6 I’m a New Yorker scan East houses dead end welcome to Red Hook East houses Lorraine street and Hicks Street Red Hook park Park Slope Ultima Jeep Ford Corolla S Dodge New York Bay Ridge symphony New York Jeep 2 for 1 tickets building 69 no standing anytime dead end dead end no parking dead end dead end the rain Lorraine Street Kia Sorento New York Brooklyn off Broadway week September 29th October 12th 2 for 1 tickets on sale now NYC. Go dot-com Green Street and Henry Street standing anytime be 57 Maspeth cheap no standing anytime storage 39 storage. Com no smoking no fumar Red Hook recreation center City of New York Parks and Recreation after school program summer play computer classes project CNN cleaning service no standing anytime Clinton Lorraine standing anytime Knight regulations Treasure Island storage storage you talk

Smith St and Second Place, to  the 3rd st Drawbridge, Carrol Gardens, Brooklyn

Franks 1965 Brooklyn Great South Bay Brewery $11.99 six pack of Budweiser 6-pack fall seasonals Johnny Appleseed ice cold beer in my C is getting younger open flowers Brooklyn Brewery at Frank’s pizzeria 7 1887 55449 Eileen C Dugan Boulevard Smith Street in one way except local deliveries no standing anytime danger high voltage transit garden Craig Realty shared lane to get back uation Center Prospect Park bike route share clean coastal evacuation route to evacuation center Prospect Park J&R cult New York GDP per are please curb your dog thank you Scion Honda and my CV cyclesFriday 11:30 a.m. To 1 p.m. NYC recycles NYC recycles fruit Buick 2426 New York DLT 15 03 28Friday 11:30 a.m. To 1 p.m. 34 cycles GGN 8320 36 New York Pennsylvania New York New York 40 44 NYC recycles guard NYC recycles do not place unfolded the city advertising materials on this property cross country Toyota Camry metal plastic glass in my C recycled cycles NYC recycles stop away wait Street one way bike route shared Lane do not enter one way magic touch cocktail lounge Dodge 11:30 a.m. To 1 p.m. Friday Lucas Volvo gorilla Ford Ford Lucan Center Street 92 outback legend Oregon Brooklyn 4 by 4 Department of Buildings 311 the building enforcement safety team best commercial completion winter 2014 for sale one way hood a parking for TGI employees only permit parking only visitor parking bond Toshiba manager Nissan for sale building for sale massing now ken Freeman one way bike lane security cameras in use youss I clean gourd pinnacle Realty fireproof door company statewide fireproof door company available pinnacle Realty of New York LLC exclusive agent 718 784 8282 www.peliculas exclusive pinnacle Realty bed bugs stop Tom ABC 0 40 40 marble co his moves to 166 second Avenue open Saturday 8 a.m. To 12 p.m.Drawbridge

Slow Walking in Front of Neergard 24 hr pharmacy, 5th ave and 9th st, Brooklyn

Transformers black window ultimate Hulk Michelangelo Raphael Donatello Leonardo splinter Sonic the Hedgehog Smurfs Pokemon Super Mario sonic the Black Knight Super Hero mashers simple style heroic action supposed Thailand heroic action option parts molding movable Pink Ranger superheroes superheroes DC Universe superheroes starwars starwars city city Kong throwing battle Donatello Nickelodeon Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Donatello hero Amada bathroom faucets bathrobe org The Rock coom soon Wham stealing the show ACDC rar welcome are Silver Surfer Nightcrawler turtles shredder

5th ave and 10th st to 5th ave and 14th st, Brooklyn

Amazing savings $0.99 blossom brows threading salon Peppinos HEB laundromat Far East restaurant Chinese food to take out Payless ShoeSource p Bar Skylark tmobile prospect Wireless f Reese 11 car service Express 11 car service golden men’s wear suits shirts pants ties sweaters t-shirts pedal faster Cafe Express 11 car service retail space for lease Joe’s pizza of the village opening closed pearl gate frozen yogurt optical illusion leaving now diner breakfast lunch exit optical illusion I exam Z contact lenses designer frames most unions accepted Restaurant & Lounge Minzy knee Restaurant & Lounge the mattress professionals Sleepys Xena and jewelry we buy gold and diamonds Sleepy’s open se hablar espanol Commonwealth can you via mehndi physical therapy ahead edibles arrangements inspiring innovation perspective 99.3 uniform special promotion h3 about the daily special – laundry and pressing service free ATM coming soon Hi Liflaundromat s13 daily grill Capital One Bank 711 one-way 13th Street accurate one hour photo camera supplies passport ID card fax copy Gamestop chase Judy unisex hot bagels bagels wraps family eye care close 24 only for 2 for only $1 glazed donuts subway 14th Street Radio Shack

5th ave and 18th st to 5th ave and 19th st, Brooklyn

Epicurean delight from around the world music European breads babka cold beer soda grocery manufacturers of the world’s finest kill bossy and polish provisions gourmet foods meats and service deli quality Eagle positions accurate pharmacy 18th Street Park Slope travel multiservice big apple fruits and vegetables Fifth Avenue 18th Street tongue Vida a breast pump Bakery Botanica sidewalk closed best ass Champions Club after school program ahead Deli & grocery asked Richard frost retail for lease scaffold certificate