Brett- Walk Slowly

Walk as slowly as you can for twelve minutes in silence. Focus intently on a project that you have been thinking about doing for a long time. Visualize the way forward, and allow yourself the luxury of uninterrupted attention on something that you wish to create.


After reading about Deveron Arts this week, I was struck with the need to complete a task that I have been wanting to do for a long time. Create a balancing sculpture in response to a walk. Deveron Arts seems to be interested in all kinds of walking based practices, and I found that very liberating, almost as if I was being given permission to create work that was personally intriguing and connected to walking. I work as a balancing artist, and as such I create sculptures that balance and rotate on a single point. I have always wanted to take a walk, collecting materials along the way, and then assemble them into a sculpture.


For my walk this week, I set out to fulfill three main objectives. The first was to feed myself. As I began my walk at 11 pm, this meant walking to a 24 hour diner, several neighborhoods away. I headed for Neptunes II on Classon Avenue, from my Studio on the corner of Bay and Otsego. Both locations are in Brooklyn. I was reflecting or responding every time I came to a well lit space, and I did this in two ways. I took Photos, and I collected materials. I focused on photographs that used light as subject, and on bottle caps and Items in Free boxes. I choose bottle caps because they were easy to spot due to their round shape and the way they reflected the light. They are also a ubiquitous. I choose Free Boxes because they contain objects deliberately placed on a walking lane by someone on foot. They created a nice balance to the discarded and drifting bottle caps.


After finishing the walk and eating, I headed back to my studio, where I did a twelve minute slow walk around a work table with all the materials spread out on view. I focused on visualizing a connection between the path of motion I had just taken, and the path of motion I was about to set the found objects on.