BIRDERS: Traveling Companions

October 12, 2014, 11am3Walk Exchange is pleased to host of session of Raúl Hott’s BIRDERS, ages 8 and up!

Are you a hunter or an observer?

We are bionic human beings. We are modern travelers. Today it is possible to be everywhere and nowhere. When we are on our phones we are human’s streaming vision through satellites. The practice of self-documentation has today become a mass practice and obsession. By removing every object of technology, BIRDERS is challenging the participant to analyze certain birds without help of electronic devices. BIRDERS is a game that proposes a new way to look, to watch, to observe, to appropriate and to exist in the world. In birdwatching you learn how to connect (not to hunt). You don’t shoot the bird, you look at it. BIRDERS is a game and educational project in which one observes birds. One can play individually or collectively. BIRDERS is a walk, collective listening, critical play, replicable and free.

DATE/TIME: October 12, 2014, 11am
LOCATION: Dock on the Turtle Pond
DURATION: 2 hours
NOTE: This walk accommodates a limited number of participants

READ: Raul’s interview about the project at  Project website:

Raúl Hott (1984) is an architect and cultural producer that does work about the body. He is a New York and Santiago based artist. Hott received his MFA in New Forms at Pratt Institute. He has presented his work at Trestle Gallery, Blackburn 20/20 Gallery, The Toronto Design Offsite Festival, Governors Island Art Fair and Brooklyn Zen Center. Ultimately he has developed projects for the public space, where the last event ‘Songs for the Open Body’ was supported by the Parks & Recreation Department from Brooklyn; this event gathered more than 50 participants as active performers. During the last winter, Raúl was awarded with an Education Fellowship and Residency program at The Wassaic Project in Upstate New York. Hott is a recently appointed Professor of Architecture and Design at Universidad UNIACC in Santiago, Chile.