Shit and Mangoes!

Action Art Yoga Warrior Mind Walk: Shit and Mangoes!

*Sunday, May 25th 11:00AM
• Meeting Location: Yoga Republic Yoga Studio, 90-11 35th Avenue, Jackson Heights, NY Apt. #2K (7 train)
• Approximately 2.5 hours

Come practice yoga, walk, and explore the ancient Sanskrit idea of pratipaksabhavana with Suran Song. As the Yoga Sutras explain, this concept asks us to “counter with opposite thoughts” when we are “harassed by negative thoughts.” We’ll warm up with a 75-minute gentle Himalayan yoga class to select poses, skills, and “presencing” strategies for our loving-kindness walk. Then, with Warrior Mind activated, we’ll stroll through Jackson Heights, Queens, to create in-situ action art sites through the yogic process and poses of pratipaksabhavanam. After the walk, we can share a cup of tea to discuss how we’ve begun to transform the “shit” of harmful mental thought processes into the “mangoes” of positive action!